Posted November 16, 2017 at 3:20 am by Safa.s

VCE Legal Studies Units 3 & 4 – notes, tutoring, practice responses, 43 study score

I am selling ALL my VCE Legal Studies 3 & 4 notes for $30.

This comes with:
Comprehensive notes covering the entire course. I went beyond the textbook; I also read the 8th Edition of Laying Down the Law (Cook, Creyke, Geddes, Hamer) (2012) which my cousin used in her first year in University as a law student. I got all the useful notes that corresponded with the study design.
Contemporary examples to use in your responses (examiners love this stuff).
I have done 38 practise responses ALL from past exam questions. These extended responses cover the course in its entirety; they have all been proof-read by my teacher and are structured to suit an exam-style response (like those you see on the examiner’s reports). I think this is the most beneficial; you will really get a sense of what exam questions are asking and how to go about structuring your answers.
I also have notes from previous high achievers in legal studies, including someone who got a 49. I am happy to give these to you as well.

I am also offering private tutoring. I would not charge you AT ALL for our first session; I would like you to judge whether you think my services would be of any help to you. I have nothing to qualify me apart from my study score from last year. We can negotiate!

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