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Proofreader – great rates for students

ALL STUDENTS … Contact me FIRST for quality proofreading of your thesis/manuscript/essay – stand out above the rest – don’t let errors compromise your marks!!
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I am a freelance proofreader, writer and sub editor with a passion for the English language. Having worked within the corporate world, not-for-profit organisations and owned and operated many small business, I pride myself in providing excellent service and high standards, ensuring a successful outcome every time.

My goal is to proofread your assignment/presentation to the highest standard. A well presented document, whether it is a college dissertation or advertising on a billboard, if the spelling and grammar isn’t correct, then all that hard work loses it’s impact. Because – ” FIRST IMPRESSIONS LEAVE THE LARGEST IMPRINT ” –

My fees are individually tailored to each client’s needs, therefore the rate/fee will depend on the size and scope of the type of work you require.
Payment for completed assignments is 30 days and a detailed invoice, including payment details will be issued upon completion.

Fees are agreed upon application. For assignments over 25,000 words, a discount may be offered.

Your information, both personal, and assignment/project details are treated with the strictest confidentiality. Nothing is disclosed to any outside parties.

There are no hidden charges. Rates are calculated according to word count and the fee is always agreed upon prior to the work being carried out.

Each project is unique. A personalised quote is provided for every client so you can be sure you are receiving a professional service with value for money.

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