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HSC Advanced English Notes, Quote Table and Summary

Achievement: I ranked in the top 10 of my year group, and achieved over 80% raw marks in every subject over the course of the year.

Notes Description: My summaries of texts for English subjects are extensive and detailed, and have been marked by my teacher and had feedback added to them, so they are all high quality. My Modern notes are not as detailed, but serve very well as summaries of each syllabus dot point for WWI, Russia and Indochina modules.

Notes Include:

Mod A Quote Table.xlsx – English Advanced

Module C Rubic – The Penelopiad.docx – English Advanced

Module C Rubic Crucible.docx – English Advanced

Quote Table – Speeches.docx – English Advanced

Rubric – The Tempest.docx  – English Advanced

Rubric Excerpt Bukowski.docx  – English Advanced

Rubric Excerpt Jane Eyre.docx – English Advanced

The Solitary Reaper Summary.docx  – English Advanced

This Lime Tree Bower My Prison Summary.docx – English Advanced

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